Inference Solutions
Content strategy and execution for Inference in partnership with Amalgam.
Animation by Latham Arnott
I worked with Amalgam to create a series of retargeting ads based on all the better things customers could be doing instead of being stuck in phone support loops.
Concept Driven Strategy
Some of the best ads have capitalized on emotional benefit and human truths; things we can all relate to and that inspire a feeling we are familiar with. Time well spent is the hero. Lets create a campaign that focuses on what the software unlocks and enables –
For customers; Less time stuck in a loop on the phone frustrated and therefore more time spent doing what they value.
For employees; Similar. Less bogged down schedules of menial tasks and instead more time cherished away from tech. More time spent with meaningful tasks at work.
Creating a Style
Irreverence and human experiences were the key to developing a style that people could relate to and helped show that this product understands the struggles and therefore knows how to solve them.
Big goofy characters to reflect the copy writing, bright inspiring warm colors to offset from the otherwise sterile tech industry, and animations that are larger than life and have little to do with sitting at a desk or stuck on the phone all day.
Final Art
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